Author: Erin MacMichael

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin’s prolific work in translating clay tablets from the Sumerian culture has undoubtedly provided mankind with a breakthrough in understanding many pieces of our race’s murky past.

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Not only is James Cameron’s film a visually beautiful work of art, his script is one of a very tiny minority of films that have something extremely valuable to say.

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Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger’s research explores the remains of lost civilizations and extraterrestrial “gods” while studying the earth’s grid, sound, geometry, magnetism, gold, and more.

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The Joy of Rhodies

There is nothing more exuberant than a beautiful flower – except perhaps a cluster of them, or an entire bush or tree. Here in Washington State, the magnificent rhododendron reigns supreme.

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An Evening at Stonehenge

Stonehenge. One of the world’s most recognizable enigmas. Rising up from the wide, grassy Salisbury plain, these precisely placed giant monoliths defy common logic and inspire endless questions (and sometimes priceless song lyrics) in anyone who sees them.

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Giants – Fiction or Fact?

Giants. Ogres. Were they real?

We’ve all grown up with stories about really big man-like beings. They were usually depicted as cruel, cannibalistic baby-eating monsters, sometimes with muscular human bodies and thick manes of hair, occasionally with only one eye, and at times with green skin.

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